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Kenya McGuire Johnson is a soul and jazz independent vocalist/songwriter who also has a Master’s of Arts degree in counseling. Kenya’s recent album, My Own Skin, hit #1 on the UK Soul Chart. Her music has also hit Top 40 on the R&B Soul Billboard Charts as well as Top 50 on independent smooth jazz radio charts. Read more about Ms. McGuire: https://www.kenyamjmusic.com/

W.E.S. (Dr. William E. Smith) is a producer, musician, composer, author, and professor of music technology. As a saxophonist, he has a unique sound and creates music to fit any mood and situation from jazz, hip hop, rock, orchestral, ambient, world, or techno. He holds a PhD in ethnomusicology and has written several books on music and the music business. Read more about W.E.S.: https://drwilliamesmith.com/

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