“Business Buzz” is a program featuring information from The Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP), a non-profit, public-private organization whose core purpose is to actively position, promote, and support economic development and business opportunities in Washington, DC.  Their mission is to promote DC’s economic and business opportunities and support business retention and attraction activities.

Through historical knowledge of the city’s business and economic climate, accurate analytics, data and research, and community partners and access, WDCEP is the central organization in Washington, DC that connects public and private sectors, neighborhoods, and real estate communities to local, national, and international audiences.  WDCEP’s purpose and success aligns with its partners in the city: to facilitate dynamic relationships with non-profit change agents, technology visionaries, artists, real estate entrepreneurs, and global enterprise leaders based on independent thinking and objective insights. They stay one step ahead of the vibrant and evolving economic landscape by monitoring the pulse of DC’s developers, startups, entrepreneurs, and big and small businesses.  Whether you need assistance to connect to development and retail opportunities, or need WDCEP’s research to make informed decisions, WDCEP is Washington, DC’s primary economic development resource.

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