Hip Hop is a culture…it’s a movement, it’s an artform that’s transformed and transfixed a global fanbase.
All of the beauty and history of this phenomenon is captured in the weekly radio show and podcast, The Hip Hop Corridor hosted by Dove & Troy.
The Hip Hop Corridor takes a deep and introspective look at Hip Hop through music, interviews and anecdotes.

Each week, Dove & Troy take you on a journey through every element of the culture: from the DJ and Emcees to the B Boys, B Girls, and graffiti artists.  Every episode delivers!  You’ll hear some old classics, some hidden gems, and fresh, new up and comers.
Dove & Troy open the vaults on historic events and facts you may have forgotten or didn’t know. And, they’’ll keep you up-t0-date with what’s happening in the culture today!
Step into the Corridor with Dove & Troy where it’s hip hop and more on DC Radio 96.3 HD4