Access and Resources to all the Target Markets

Access to DC Radio will be made available via internships, public invited pitch sessions, the Radio’s website, and training opportunities.


Students will gain both radio and television production experience.

Internship opportunities are available through the Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment’s internship program and the DC Department of Employment Service’s Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program. Our program is designed to educate and provide experience to students in all aspects of cable television production and, with the launch of the radio station, will expand to this new area of experience. Academic credit may be earned for satisfactory completion of the internship semester. This credit will be applied pursuant to all rules and standards required by the college or university in which each student is enrolled. Interns will participate in the program for no less than 12 hours per week and no more than 20 hours per week. Students who are District residents may also apply for a paid summer internship at OCTFME through the DC Department of Employment Service’s Summer Youth Employment Program.

Students will receive ‘hands on’ experience in the production of radio and cable television programming for product broadcast on DC Radio, DCN-District of Columbia Network, DCC-District Council Channel and DKN –District Knowledge Network by providing assistance in developing show topics; booking guests; creating show rundowns; researching stories; pre-interviewing guest; field shooting and studio tapings; editing sessions; producing promotions and public service announcements; writing scripts; supervising voice-over sessions; and other responsibilities as assigned by the Internship Supervisor or programming staff. DC radio programming will also extend to on-air broadcast and production training.

Additionally, OCTFME will partner with local schools to offer exposure to youth enrolled in media related curriculums from such schools as Eliot Hine Middle School, Richard Wright Public Charter School, McKinley Technology High School, and HD Woodson High School.

DC RADIO Pitch Sessions

Pitch Session information will be provided on the DC Radio website, along with content criteria and submission information. Pitch sessions are open to DC residents and students enrolled in a District school, college, or university.

DC RADIO Training Opportunities

In addition to internships, OCTFME will produce a series of online training sessions that will focus on:

  • Program Scheduling
  • Audio Board Operation
  • Automation Operation
  • Signal Delivery

Definition of standards and practices and how content is submitted

  • Content to DC Radio WHUR.HD4 can be submitted to the General Manager of DC Radio, Associate Director of Television and Entertainment and the Director of Television Programming for consideration. The content should be submitted in mp4 or wav format, should include a program description, should include the targeted audience, and must meet the following criteria:
  • The content must meet the mission and objectives of the programming guidelines established for DC Radio.
  • The content must be classified into one of the following categories:
    Government Activities
    Current Events
    Arts & Entertainment
  • The content cannot contain profanity or any material that constitutes libel, slander, pornography or violation of trademark or copyright.
  • The content cannot contain information or advertising concerning an illegal lottery.
  • The content cannot contain paid advertising material in which commercial appeals for funds are made (Grants and underwriting for programming purposes shall not be considered as advertising. Paid advertising material includes, but is not limited to, advertising by or on behalf of a candidate for public office or program material made available without charge by persons, corporations, or institutions which have a commercial interest in the subject matter. This provision shall not prevent the identification of person or institutions providing grants or contributions to underwrite the cost of programs unrelated to the commercial interests of the donor or to programs, which have a public interest overriding the private, commercial interests.
  • The content cannot contain copyrighted material, unless clearances have been obtained and written proof of such clearance can be presented.
  • The content cannot contain any material that advocates a particular religious belief or beliefs.
  • The content cannot consist of programming which applicable Federal, State or local laws prohibit.
  • The content cannot contain coverage of partisan events, political rallies, or fundraisers.
  • Ideas for content can be submitted via email or in person during semi-annual pitch sessions.

The panel for the pitch sessions may consist of OCTFME executives, technicians, administrators and support staff who will review your idea and supplementary documents in order to recommend a series commitment.

Each presenter will receive 10 minutes to speak directly to the panel and present their project request. After a 7 minute introduction of your project, the presenter will be requested to answer how this program is innovative, what the impact will be on DC, how the project is responsive to the needs of DC and how the project will be implemented. At the conclusion of the presentation, follow up questions from the panel may arise.

Presenters will be sent a Submission Release Agreement in advance. The agreement will need to be signed and returned prior to your presentation. (See Content Submission Release Agreement Form)

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, pitch sessions for DC Radio has been suspended until we resume normal in studio operations.  Please check back often for updates.

Download the form and send to:

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