The Wind Down

“The Wind Down” with Will Downing is an hour of themed, hand-picked, and curated soul music hosted by the “Prince of Sophisticated Soul.” Will Downing’s voice is one of the most distinctive, loved, and instantly recognizable voices in R&B. His flawless, emotive, buttery smooth and agile honey-toned baritone, along with his impeccable phrasing, bridge the worlds of R&B and jazz. Downing’s sophisticated and always-cool sensibilities have proven to be timeless and have garnered him the role as the reigning king of romantic ballads.

Putumayo World Music Hour

“Putumayo World Music Hour” is hosted by veteran KFOG San Francisco radio personality Rosalie Howarth. The “Putumayo World Music Hour” takes listeners on a journey through the music of many different cultures. Shows include well-known names like Bob Marley, Sting, Loreena McKennitt, and Santana, along with exceptional, underexposed international artists. The program also features interviews with world-class music-makers such as Los Lobos, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, and Taj Mahal, who all eagerly support and have been influenced by world music.

Rememories for Seniors

“Nothing returns a memory as clearly as a song.” It only takes a few bars of the music we listened to at a sock hop, on our first date, on the car radio, or in our bedroom when something was happening that was important in our lives. When you and I hear the music we listened to when we were teenagers, those memories flow back.

The Brazilian Hour

“The Brazilian Hour,” hosted by Sergio Mielniczenko, plays a wide variety of Brazilian styles of music, and also has interviews with some famous Brazilians. This radio show, made possible by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, promotes the best Brazilian music and culture from all around the world.

Grits and Garri

“Grits & Garri” is a podcast featuring artist-on-artist interviews and live collaborations. It juxtaposes the work of African-American, African and Caribbean artists who create music in Washington, DC. The purpose of this podcast is to examine how fresh work produced by millennials within the African diaspora challenges traditional modalities of “black” expression, channels intercultural curiosity and functions as a tool for mutual understanding. The missions of “Grits & Garri” is singular: advancing all people to greater acceptance and appreciation of each other. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, DC’s Black population nears 50% with more than 161,000 African and Caribbean-born people living in DC and surrounding suburbs. It is estimated that the population includes almost 20,000 people from Nigeria and 18,000 people from Ghana.

NewUrbanJazz Lounge

2018 marks the 30th year since pianist, composer, and author Bob Baldwin first released, “I’ve Got a Long Way to Go.” That led to a chance meeting with his heroes Roberta Flack and Herbie Hancock at a Sony Innovators ceremony in Beverly Hills, where he was selected from over 300 applicants and achieved an eventual signing to Atlantic Records by legendary music executive, Sylvia Rhone. In addition to working with artists like Phil Perry, Will Downing, Lenny Williams, Marion Meadows, and DC’s own Lori Williams, Bob has released over 25 albums, and started the Smooth Jazz radio show “NewUrbanJazz (NUJ)”.

DJ Oxygen Mix

Shawn “Dj Oxygen” Dillard, hailing from Trenton, New Jersey, is a professional DJ and the founder of the country’s first accredited sound engineering and DJ academy for high school youth.

The Woman Behind The Business

“The Woman Behind The Business” promotes unapologetically honest dialogues to advance women entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) to acquire strength, strategies, and success — the toolkit to sustainability! We believe that by sharing “lessons from the valley,” other women can learn, grow, and walk boldly into their destiny as community leaders.

202Creates Podcasts

Located at OCTFME’s 200 I Street SE office, the 202Creates Podcast Studio provides 202Creates Residency and Co-Working Creatives space, equipment, and staff support to develop and record podcast projects. Creatives can schedule time at the OCTFME Studio, work with an engineer to record and edit their content, and video record the podcast session. Want to use the space? Come to the next Co-working Day to learn how to sign up.

Inside the MFL

The MFL is here — are you ready? This is your chance to be a part of the only professional Minor Football League in America. Don’t miss out on sports talk from host Richard Myles Sr., industry veterans, and co-host Gary “Digital” Williams.

Keeping It Reel with FilmGordon

A weekly film and entertainment show featuring interviews, film reviews, and topical movie information.

Champagne and Credit with Muriel Garr

The pathway to the middle class — how do you get there? What are the tools you need to build wealth so you can enjoy that “champagne life”? Financial independence comes when you learn about how to harness the power of money — and financial expert, media personality, and community development professional, Muriel Garr, is here to tell you how.

Hearing The Council with Josh Gibson

You’ve attended Council hearings in person. You’ve tuned in to our televised proceedings online or on TV. Maybe you’ve even checked us out on Twitter. Well, now you have the chance to listen to us on the radio!

The Sonya Dunn Show

Sonya Dunn Show – bringing news, information, and interviews from industry power players in entertainment, media, business, and technology.


Artimacy [ART•ə•mə•sɪ]: a close or warm friendship with the offspring of human creativity; a feeling of belonging together with the genesis of beautiful or significant things.

This podcast endeavors to go deeper than what the eyes can see and what the ears can hear. It is truly where art and intimacy collide, providing an in-depth view of what inspires the artist to create. “Artimacy” with K. Charles (a.k.a. Keanna Faircloth) is a two-hour program that spotlights jazz music — and beyond — and features artist interviews. Come take an intimate journey into the heart, mind, and soul of the creative.

Raiding The Crates

Have you ever scanned the radio looking for some music that fits your specific mood at that moment? Well, that’s the daily quandary for show host John Avery. Thus, the creation of “Raiding The Crates on DC Radio,” a weekly two-hour ride through John’s wildly diverse music taste and genre-hopping music collection. Be prepared to hear shows ranging from southern soul and blues to house music. Hear songs by artists from Frank Sinatra to Frank Ocean; from Sarah Vaughn to Fantasia; from Al Green to The B-52s. John is all over the place, but never too far from his first love: MUSIC. If you’re the least bit adventurous, make it a point to join him weekly for “Raiding The Crates”.

The Sanctuary

“The Sanctuary” is an informational radio show for women of color to be inspired, educated, and empowered to be their most authentic and healthy selves by tapping into the “goddess within”. “The Sanctuary”addresses the well-documented health and wellness disparities we face and shares long-lost indigenous holistic methods of healing our bodies with a focus on nutrition while highlighting local change-agents who are working to positively impact the trajectory of the community.

Backstage Beyond the Laughs

“Backstage Beyond the Laughs” (BBTL) piques the curiosity of everyone who has ever wondered what life is like for those famous funny folks “on or off” the road.

Catch The FLO

In partnership with National Public Radio (NPR) and the African-American Public Radio Consortium (AAPRC), “Catch the FLO” features contemporary jazz music, Latin grooves, urban instrumentals, southern jam bands, soulful vocalists, and more. You’ll hear classic artists who were the progenitors of smooth jazz, along with new artists on the horizon. Marcus Johnson describes “Catch the FLO” as a “lifestyle journey in great music that will feature chill, lounge, Brazilian vibes, and jazz.” The show will present a broadly defined cosmopolitan jazz mix that is more inclusive of the younger, globally connected listener’s taste in music. Johnson is a Washington, DC-based keyboardist and entrepreneur.

Coming to America with Wayna and Friends

Coming to America with Wayna and Friends is a radio show and podcast featuring spirited discussions with a cast of African, Caribbean, and African American co-hosts and artists in the District. Through conversation sparked by recurring segments: Comic Relief, Diaspora Dilemmas, real life challenges, success stories and more. The cast will discuss a range of social and cultural issues relevant to the African, Caribbean, and African American experience in DC. The program’s goal is to foster mutual awareness and appreciation among these growing and diverse groups, who despite their cultural differences, share vastly common challenges, aspirations, and values.

The District Creatives Radio Show

The District Creatives Radio Show is a 30-minute program featuring interviews highlighting the work of millennials/young adult creatives in the city. The focus of the content is arts, entertainment, and the creative economy. “The District Creatives Radio Show” provides a platform for creatives to share the work and content they provide in this city and for the city. Hosted by District creative, Savvy Cherise, the show will create a dialogue around the joys and pains of pursuing your passion, resources for District creatives, and balancing your passion project with your paycheck. These discussions will not only highlight current creatives but also guide the next wave of creatives in the District of Columbia.

Wit & Reason

Dr. Alexis Moreno brings her expertise to provide smart and practical explanations for human behavior. Dr. Moreno interviews diverse health experts regarding today’s ever-evolving life and culture and asks questions on anything from love to hardships. Listen in and bring a little bit of positive mental health to your day.

The Cannabis Conversation Podcast

“The Cannabis Conversation Podcast” is hosted by Linda Mercado Greene, who is the Board Chair and CEO of Anacostia Organics in Historic Anacostia, the first medical marijuana dispensary located east of the river.

Inside Style with George Worrell

Real style is about much more than fashion — it starts with being comfortable in your OWN skin.

Millennial Minds Podcast

“The Millennial Minds Podcast” is hosted by activist, model, preacher, and motivational speaker, Yasmine “YazzieSpeaks” Arrington as she sits down with artists, content creators, business owners, and community activists to get their stories.

Co-Play Media

“Co-Play Media”, hosted by DeAyres White and D-MO, is at the intersection of gaming and anime. “Co-Play Media” strives to bring you the best in new and retro gaming, anime, all around nerdiness! You can find Co-Play Media on Facebook here.

Soul Wealth Radio

This show is an enlightening, insightful, 30-minute conversation with amazing people to help listeners nurture their own souls and live their best lives. Guests range from thought leaders in health, PR, faith, politics, finance, mentorship, and community advocacy to mental health, music, entertainment, social justice, education, and leadership. “Soul Wealth” not just a brand — it is also a “lifestyle” of vision, compassion, authenticity, abundance, and legacy created one conversation and one choice at a time.

Choppin’ It Up with Chook

“Choppin’ It Up with Chook,” hosted by Antone’ Chooky Caldwell, is a podcast featuring local, national, and international artists “choppin'” it up it the studio with multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and engineer Antone’ “Chooky” Caldwell. The show aims to give up-and-coming artists key insight into the entertainment industry and dissect the many challenges of being an artist in such a competitive business. He also checks in with existing artists to see where they are in their careers today.

OPC Radio Connect

Sandra Mattavous-Frye, Director of the Office of the People’s Counsel, will tell listeners about the services and programs of the Office of the People’s Counsel for the District of Columbia, the independent DC government agency that represents the interests of electric, natural gas, water and local phone consumers. OPC Radio Connect will present information on a variety of utility and energy-related issues and how they relate to the daily living of District residents. We also will share how OPC is carrying out its mission to advocate, educate and protect DC utility consumers.

Military Home Life

Military Home Life with Sonya Dunn is an infusion of news, information and music centered around military community living. Plus, interviews focus on people, issues and stories from and for military services members, dependents and retirees from all branches of the military.

Hypnotic Beats & Flows

Hypnotic Beats & Flows is a show curated and mixed by Brian Hendricks, who has been mixing records and DJing for many years at several clubs and special events throughout the east coast. His love of music fuses many genres, tempos, and styles: Latin, Afro, Soul, Jazz, House, and Broken Beat that gets you grooving to their hypnotic sounds. Come enjoy this weekly musical flow!

Café Radio Congressional Awards Podcast

The Café Radio podcast is a part of The Congressional Award Foundation’s initiative to reach more students of color and make an impact in the community. The program’s discussions feature graduates of The Congressional Award Foundation who share knowledge with students about how participating in the Congressional Award program changed their lives and served as an invaluable tool for supporting students in educational and career-building resources to catapult professional growth and careers.

The Nicole Mason Show

“Engaging,” “empowering,” and “encouraging” are a few words to describe this 30-minute experience hosted by Dr. Nicole Mason. Understanding the need to create a “safe space” for trailblazing women, this show is an extension of the work that Dr. Nicole does with high-achieving women. If you are a woman working in a male-dominated field or an African American woman working in a “majority” environment, this show is designed specifically with you in mind. Guests will offer strategies for success, how to deal with micro-aggressions, understanding unconscious bias, and more;  but more importantly, how to rise above the fray with excellence! You will leave every episode ready to “Show Up Great, Speak Up With Confidence, and Stand Out With Courage”.


Vinyl-y is a conversation with singers and musicians about the artist and albums that influence their careers and craft. It’s a genre, era-bending half hour for audiophiles and melomaniacs.

DJ Class Mix

DJ Class is an internationally known veteran of the club and dance music scene who started his career in the early 1990s and gained attention with his Unruly Records releases, including the hit “Tear da Club Up.” In 2009, DJ Class scored his most commercially successful single which was remixed by several artists and subsequently became a top 40 Billboard chart hit upon being re-released by Universal Republic Records. Among his notable releases during were “Wuz Up Baby” (1995) and “Tear da Club Up” (1999), the latter of which became a club staple years following its release.

Cracking The CEO Code

Ever wonder what separates the haves from the have nots, the talkers from the walkers, the leaders from the followers? Come along with host Niki Moore as she sets out on an adventure to tap into the experiences and real-life stories of one hundred CEOs. Find out how they think, what they eat, when they sleep — everything that goes into the magic of making a CEO. Niki’s Cracking the CEO Code! In this series we’ll discover exactly what it takes to go from good to great.

All Fun & Games

Something like a podcast, AF&G brings you hilarious commentary, trending topics, celebrity guests, and interesting people in a way that is refreshingly entertaining.

The Truth In This Art

The Truth in this Art is a storytelling series hosted by cultural curator Rob Lee.

Master Gee Theatre

The National Hip Hop Museum presents the Master Gee Theatre hosted by Master Gee of the Sugarhill Gang with co-hosts DJ Boom, CLB, and DJ RBI.

The Serge Experience Podcast

Hosted by Sergio Gregorio, focuses on individual journeys, personal growth, and transformative experiences. I interview everyday people about their life trajectories.