The Wind Down

“The Wind Down” with Will Downing is an hour of themed, hand-picked and curated soul music, hosted by the “Prince of Sophisticated Soul.”  Will Downing’s voice is one of the most distinctive, loved and instantly recognizable voices in R&B.  His flawless, emotive, buttery smooth and agile honey-toned baritone, along with his impeccable phrasing, bridge the worlds of R&B and Jazz.  Downing’s sophisticated and always-cool sensibilities have proven to be timeless and have garnered him the role as the reigning king of romantic ballads.

Putumayo World Music Hour

“Putumayo World Music Hour” is hosted by veteran KFOG San Francisco radio personality Rosalie Howarth. The “Putumayo World Music Hour” takes listeners on a journey through the music of many different cultures. Shows includes well-known names like Bob Marley, Sting, Loreena McKennitt, and Santana, along with exceptional, underexposed international artists. The program also features interviews with world-class music makers such as Los Lobos, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, and Taj Mahal who eagerly support and have been influenced by world music.

Rememories for Seniors

“Nothing returns a memory as clearly as a song.” It only takes a few bars of the music we listened to at a sock hop, on our first date, on the car radio, or in our bedroom when something was happening that was important in our lives. When you and I hear the music we listened to when we were teenagers, those memories flow back.

Elliot Gold plays that music and features interviews with seniors from their 60s through their 90s who share the memories that come back when they hear “that song.”

Listen in and join Elliot as he and his guests recall the great memories evoked by “their” music on “Rememories for Seniors”.  Maybe your music and memories will be on a future show!

We Are Washington

“We Are Washington” explores and showcases the vibrant culture and exciting events that make living in DC unlike anyplace else.  DCN television personalities Cecily Fernandez and Matt Granato co-host this fast-paced, dynamic rundown of news and special events taking place in the District of Columbia.

The 202

“The 202” is the District’s hottest new entertainment and lifestyle show!  With some of the areas freshest DJs pumping up the volume, hosts Ferman Patterson and Michel Wright have the lowdown on all things DC.  From film to food to art to music and more.  If it’s happening in DC, it’s on “The 202”.

Simone Butterfly

Simone Butterfly as the “Fabulous Freelance Fashion Investigator” is a new program created to highlight the most innovative independent fashion artisans in the District.  The show features the latest and greatest in couture and more through the trained eye of fashion and lifestyle expert, Simone Butterfly.  The show includes interviews with fashion innovators, creative do-it-yourself tips, local retailers, and special features targeted for local food lovers

The Sound

“The Sound” is where breakout artists around the DMV come to be heard!  Hosted by Britt Waters, the series is a high-energy, eclectic mix of every genre across the musical spectrum.  Hear the music and get the scoop on some of the areas up-and-coming musicians!  Feel the beat of “The Sound”!


“Display” is 30 minutes of high-octane music from videos featuring independent artists from around the District.  Hosted by Dion Dove, “Display” gives local artists much needed exposure and high visibility by providing another creative outlet to put their work on display.

I Wish You Knew

Millennials are the largest, most diverse and most educated generation in the country and they are demanding to be heard.  An informative way to narrow the generation gap, this series features a rotating panel of hosts and guests who discuss topics that this savvy group of young professionals wants you to know regarding politics, education, social media, lifestyle and more.

DC Music Rocks

The mission of “DC Music Rocks” is to organize and share DC’s incredible artists and share them with the community.  The radio show/podcast highlights the great music and amazing people on the scene.  The show is hosted by Brian Nelson-Palmer, the drummer in the DC original rock & roll band, Fellowcraft, and coordinated by Daniel (Dan) Warren Hill, the owner of Alchemical Records and front man for one of DC’s hottest Alternative Rock band Yellow Tie Guy.

It all started with Brian playing shows around the region and meeting some of the most incredibly talented musicians in the DC area.  He realized that following and finding great local music isn’t hard like it used to be – you can follow them just like you do the big names.  It’s really cool see these artists kill it on stage, then the next day, randomly bump into them around town!  He enjoyed sharing these artists with his friends, and when the opportunity came up to host a radio show and share with even more of the community, he jumped on it.

The Brazilian Hour

“The Brazilian Hour”, hosted by Sergio Mielniczenko, plays a wide variety of Brazilian styles of music, and also has interviews with some famous Brazilians. This radio show, made possible by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, promotes the best Brazilian music and culture from all around the world.

The Cultural Sector of Brazil in Los Angeles created “The Brazilian Hour” radio program in 1978 to promote Brazilian music and culture in the United States. “The Brazilian Hour” is written and produced by Sergio Mielniczenko / Radio & Music – Cultural Affairs of the Brazilian Consulate General, Los Angeles, California.

DKN Sports, The Ricardo Report

“DKN Sports, The Ricardo Report” is a weekly roundup of sports activity in the District.  DC has a rich history of producing some of the brightest and most talented student athletes in the country.  You’ll get the scoop on the players, coaches, games and the communities that support our athletes’ educational and athletic achievements.  Join Ricardo and the crew in “The Cave” at DKN Sports.

Q & A Café

Join journalist, network news producer and Emmy Award winner Carol Joynt as she goes in-depth with the movers and shakers in politics, journalism, government and more.  It’s informal and insightful,  it’s now in its 14th year and better than ever.  Be sure to tune in to hear who stops by the “Q & A Café’” to dish with Carol.

Grits and Garri

“Grits & Garri” is a podcast featuring artist-on-artist interviews and live collaborations.  It juxtaposes the work of African-American, African and Caribbean artists who create music in Washington, DC. The purpose of this podcast is to examine how fresh work produced by millennials within the African diaspora challenges traditional modalities of “black” expression, channels intercultural curiosity and functions as a tool for mutual understanding.  The missions of “Grits & Garri” is singular: advancing all people to greater acceptance and appreciation of each other. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, DC’s Black population nears 50% with more than 161,000 African and Caribbean-born people living in DC and surrounding suburbs. It is estimated that the population includes almost 20,000 people from Nigeria and 18,000 people from Ghana.

Those residents, many of whom immigrated by choice several decades ago, and those who are the descendants of those who migrated by force have a shared but vastly varying cultural identity that is collectively expressed as ‘Blackness’.  “Grits & Garri”, named for two very similar-yet-different foods that are staples among African-American, West African and Caribbean people (who use ‘cassava’ as the term for ‘garri’), aspires to promote the idea that people can relate to and learn from each other through art; that music is the intersection where we pause for collective conversation.

Ask Marcella

“Ask Marcella” is a series of short programs designed to help District residents understand the rules and regulations regarding their cable television services. “Ask Marcella” will address residents’ frequently asked questions regarding cable service providers and inform them  about their options and rights, as well as provide assistance to customers that seek help from the DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment (OCTFME).  This show also further defines the functionality of OCTFME and its role to help DC residents have a better relationship with their cable providers.

The Street Report

Go along for the ride as District of Columbia radio personality EZ Street brings his “Street Report” to DC Radio.  EZ gets the scoop from some of the most popular entertainers in the business.  Check him out as he tries his hand at food truck vending or working at a salon to see how folks in the DMV grind.  Follow him around the city – if its hot, it will be in the EZ “Street Report.”

The Economic Partnership Business Buzz

“Business Buzz” is a program featuring information from The Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP), a non-profit, public-private organization whose core purpose is to actively position, promote, and support economic development and business opportunities in Washington, DC.  Their mission is to promote DC’s economic and business opportunities and support business retention and attraction activities.  Through historical knowledge of the city’s business and economic climate, accurate analytics, data and research, and community partners and access, WDCEP is the central organization in Washington, DC that connects public and private sectors, neighborhoods, and real estate communities to local, national, and international audiences.  WDCEP’s purpose and success aligns with its partners in the city: to facilitate dynamic relationships with non-profit change agents, technology visionaries, artists, real estate entrepreneurs, and global enterprise leaders based on independent thinking and objective insights. They stay one step ahead of the vibrant and evolving economic landscape by monitoring the pulse of DC’s developers, startups, entrepreneurs, and big and small businesses.  Whether you need assistance to connect to development and retail opportunities, or need WDCEP’s research to make informed decisions, WDCEP is Washington, DC’s primary economic development resource.

Live From Studio A

“Live From Studio A” is a music show hosted by veteran producer Eugene Thorpe featuring music by local, regional and national recording artists recorded live in the DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment’s television Studio A.

DC Public Safety Information from The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency

CSOSA is a program featuring information from the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia. CSOSA is a federal, executive branch agency created by Congress in 1997 to perform the offender supervision function for DC Code offenders. It does so in coordination with the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and the U.S. Parole Commission.  CSOSA’s mission is to increase public safety, prevent crime, reduce recidivism, and support the fair administration of justice in close collaboration with the community. With a budget of $140 million and nearly 1,000 employees, CSOSA provides community supervision to 15,000 individuals on probation, parole, or supervised release each day.

Beats and Beans

“Beats and Beans” is a show featuring DMV musicians and moderated by Grammy-nominated artist/producer Kokayi and curated by The General Store Inc. with performances and  discussions on the creative process, music and more.

Voices of the City

“Voices of the City” is a weekly Government Community Affairs Show hosted by Latoya Foster, Press Secretary for Mayor Muriel Bowser. The show will feature Government Community affairs topics showcasing members of the Mayor’s executive team, public safety, city initiatives, government agency initiatives, stakeholders and related issues which are of importance to the community.  “Voices of the City,” hosted by LaToya Foster, will discuss and feature interviews with guests who will offer a program mix of various subjects which provide the community with information on topics that report on the Mayor’s initiatives to continue to provide leadership and support to the concerns of the District residents.

On The Air with Eleanor Holmes Norton

“On the Air with Eleanor Holmes Norton” is a Government Community Affairs Show hosted by Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton.  The show will feature information and discussion of the Congresswoman’s legislative agenda and priorities to inform the citizens of the District and to, via the website, educate those beyond the city’s borders of the work being done in the District on important issues such as pay equity, gender equality and statehood for the District of Columbia.


Through “On the Air with Eleanor Holmes Norton”, the Congresswoman will discuss her legislative priorities in a way that will not only provide insight and information for the city’s residents but will also align with Mayor Bowser’s goals as they relate to statehood and equality and equity for the District of Columbia. The show will also be an important vehicle for promoting the city’s growth and economic development.

Made In DC

From the culinary scene to the arts, technology, design and much more, learn about the entrepreneurs who are turning their passions into paychecks! From emerging companies to established businesses, DC is buzzing with the products, services and people who are creating a vibrant local economy with one thing in common: they’re “Made In DC.”

Movie Mondays

Each week on “Movie Mondays,” we showcase independent films that are either made by DC filmmakers, filmed in DC, or are linked to the District in some way.  The feature length and short films that are part of “Movie Mondays” cover a wide range of fascinating topics that challenge our audience to see the world a bit differently. Join us as we explore the worlds of civil rights legends, incredible artists, students finding their way, a philanthropist with a passion for education, and the way hair can truly transform personalities.  Every Monday, host Lindsay Washington introduces these amazing films and lets them speak for themselves.


“Garnish” is a short documentary series that highlights culture, creatives and conversations in the DC region thorough a sociocultural lens.  Each episode highlights a different event, social enterprise or creative entrepreneur making waves in their community.

A Day In The Life

Join host Kelly Carter-Knight for this documentary-style short program featuring a glimpse into what happens during a single day in the District.  The special and compelling series spotlights some of DC’s most philanthropic programs, people and partnerships that are designed to support Mayor Bowser’s initiatives for creating a more inclusive Washington, DC.

Latinos in DC

“Latinos in DC” is a program that highlights the work, culture and contributions of Latinos in the District of Columbia.  Antonio “The Cuban Cigar Smoker” takes us on an exciting journey through business, entertainment, cuisine and community, magnifying the District’s unique Latin flavor and style.

12th & G

12th & G is a show that airs at 7pm weekdays on DC Radio. It gives voice and perspective on culture, creativity and community. It’s hosted by veteran DC Radio, Sirius XM Satellite Radio and DCN Television “The 202” co-host Michel Wright, New York, DC and Baltimore radio veteran Marc Clarke, and internationally-known celebrity DJ, Shawn “Dj Oxygen” Dillard.