Dr. Alexis Moreno brings her expertise to provide smart and practical explanations for human behavior. Dr. Moreno interviews diverse health experts regarding today’s ever-evolving life and culture and asks questions on anything from love to hardships. Listen in and bring a little bit of positive mental health to your day.

Dr. Alexis Moreno is dedicated to her true passion: turning social science and research into information and practice that is relatable, accessible, and useful to the public. Alexis began her career in journalism and television broadcasting. She decided to pursue her doctorate in Clinical Community Psychology to learn and publicize the principles, knowledge, and skills ideal for a healthy life. She is now the founder of Wit + Reason, a consulting practice for the creative community, where she collaborates with artists, writers, producers, directors, and journalists to apply psychological principles and research to all places and spaces, therefore making positive mental health part of everyday life.

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